Dockrell, Wilson hail growth of quality and importance of Test Triangle Inter-Provincial Series


DUBLIN – Irish internationals George Dockrell and Gary Wilson hailed the development of domestic cricket in Ireland, and its growing importance to the future needs of the international squad ahead of a trophy presentation ceremony at YMCA Cricket Club.

The presentation ceremony was conducted by Praveen Madire, Founder of IT-services company Test Triangle, which was named as the new title sponsor in 2019.

George Dockrell, captain of the Leinster Lightning team, was presented with the Test Triangle Inter-Provincial Championship trophy and Test Triangle Inter-Provincial Cup, after his side won both the three-day first-class competition and the 50-over competition respectively.

Asked about what makes the Lightning side consistently successful, he said:

“I think there are various factors, we’ve got some very good cricketers who fill roles within our squad and a lot of depth as well – when new guys come in they come in to do a job within the team. We’ve also had fantastic structures as well, first with Albie [Albert van der Merwe] and now Nigel Jones coming in as Head Coach – we’ve had some great guys supporting us through it. This is the first year with Jonesy and every coach brings something a little bit different. Albie was great, and a new coach often brings in a new set of eyes, sometimes they come at things from a little bit of a different perspective.”

Asked about the impact of Irish internationals returning to play in the Inter-Provincial Series, he said:

“It’s great – every single year we have guys coming back from England, adding to the standard and adding to the knowledge of the side, helping out the younger guys and raising the standard of the competition. Having three teams still ensures a concentrated competition, and anytime you can add a guy like that it only raises the standard further.”

Asked about the opportunity that the Inter-Provincial Series offers, he said:

“It’s great to have such a clear pathway these days between club, inter-provincial and the international team. It’s great to have that visibility and to know that if you perform 

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